jessica lynn

Hi, there!  I'm Jessica Lynn Carroll, and having performed at venues from Mill Valley to Carmel, I am truly a Bay Area actor!

My route to becoming an actor wasn't a predictable one; I wasn't the little girl who harbored dreams of the life on stage. However, fate stuck her nose in my business, and I found myself at a crossroads: go to West Point and become a lawyer, or attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, and major in acting. As an army brat, I already knew what one life offered, so I chose the other one and haven't looked back.

I'm a girly-tomboy-girl who likes to wear whimsical dresses and tromp around in the woods. (Not necessarily at the same time, but possibly.) Also, I'm crafty.  I mean, not like conniving, but I have lots of crafts and art projects and messes going at the same time.  I'm always working to clarify my creative aesthetic, and it applies to my work as an actor, too. I'm drawn to pieces that are life-affirming, with a little bit of darkness and a large dose of humor, and just enough quirk to make it interesting.  I love working on new plays, helping playwrights achieve their vision by living within their worlds and honoring their language.  

Check out my other pages to see what's coming up and what I've been doing!